The Future Energy


Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology have the potential to become major disruptors in the energy industry. The synonymy between the growing decentralisation of the energy sector and the inherent structure of decentralised data ledgers brings a natural interdependence between energy and blockchain implementations. Across the world, innovators are implementing pilots showing the automation of some or all aspects of the electricity delivery transaction chain and allow for more decentralized, efficient electricity markets. Further, these technologies may allow end users to play a more active role in the electricity markets beyond simply relying on their local utility company to supply their electricity demand. Thus, blockchain technology could fundamentally change the way electricity is supplied and consumed in emerging markets where both electricity and the technology supporting it are still relatively new.


Event objectives

August 2019 brings about two key energy events in Nairobi. Future Energy (Private Sector) on the 18th of September 2019 and Energy Storage Workshop (Government) on the 27th of August 2019. This proposed event, will plug a gap in the discussions in Nairobi, by focusing on energy efficiency and the technological advances in artificial intelligence and behavioural science in reducing consumption and increasing generation in the energy sector. The event will solicit successful examples of programs that have helped push forward the entirety of the energy industry and especially in Kenya which is known as the mini grid laboratory for the progressive work that has gone into payment systems in both connected and isolated mini grids.


The event will also showcase how entrepreneurs can form methods of optimisation in their other businesses and how translational theories can be used to increase investment available for food systems, transport and other social programs once optimised access to electricity is realised. The event will encourage participants to take charge of their energy consumption requirement. The event will precede the creation of an energy centre of excellence at the ALX in conjunction with Radius Labs.