Welcome to Radius Labs, a technology company in the energy and education sector specializing in providing solutions and consultancy through the use of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies.

What We Do



We provide information about idea to market cycles and venturing into new markets using emerging technologies.


We nurture growth in the technology sector through our tailored start-up  and individual education programs in machine learning, blockchain and IoT.

Research & Development 


We constantly discover new uses and approaches to technology in Africa, we are experimenting for knowledge creation and sharing our insights

Our Work


We curate highly specialised courses in blockchain, machine learning and development for both early learners and advanced developers.

Blockchain Development

We link companies with skilled and qualified machine learning and data science experts as well as offering consultancy services on how to implement AI technologies in their businesses.

Energy Module

We are building the first transactive grid to connect all micro-grids in Africa.

Women in Blockchain

We share information and resources to help women develop and expand their knowledge in data science & machine learning and develop on blockchain.

Our Community



We host monthly events with experts at roundtables around blockchain and AI. 


By becoming a Radius Labs Community member, you will first and foremost become part of our community. We take this seriously and so should you! We recognise that the driving force of a space like ours is in the community and in collaboration, not in a single individual or company. So we are looking for community members who want to collaborate with others, who want to teach and to learn, who want to challenge and be challenged.